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  核心提示:Hello, welcome to the little king site, where you can speak and ask questions about King glory, 传世 a...
Hello, welcome to the little king site, where you can speak and ask questions about King glory, 传世 and all kinds of games you want to know. Finally, take a wave of attention ~! 您好,欢迎来到小于的王者地盘,在这里您可以尽情的发言,尽情的提问关于王者荣耀、传世及各种游戏所有你想知道的。最后走一波关注喽~ 传世就玩盖伦能到达一个什么段位? Player: not satisfied 传世 anchor thousands of people, but mostly young people, 51 year old 传世 anchor, have you seen? There is a ID service station for "you are not the strongest" 传世 old anchor, the uncle only play Galen, played more than 8000 games, claiming the old Galen, although only silver Dan, but Huobian Taiwan! 51 year old 传世 anchor: he not only broadcast live 传世, to the audience to see, but also share their own life experiences to listen to them. So it's such a special 传世 anchor that attracts a lot of fans on Twitch, with thousands of people watching each live broadcast. What the audience said may have thousands of people, but you need to know on the Twitch are real numbers, many well-known occupation players (like TSM in Pilsen, old king Froggen) the audience is just over a million! 玩家:不服的吧 传世主播成千上万,但大多都是年轻人,51岁的传世主播你见过吗?台服就有一位ID为“你不是最强的”的传世老主播,这位大叔只玩盖伦,玩了8000多场,自称老盖伦,虽然只是白银段位,但是却火遍台湾! 51岁传世主播:他不仅直播玩传世给观众们看,而且还分享自己的人生经历给他们听。因此,就是这么一个特殊的传世主播在Twitch上吸引了很多粉丝,每次直播都有数千人观看。可能有的观众表示几千人算什么,但是你要知道Twitch上的都是真实人数,许多知名职业选手(像TSM中单比尔森、老法王Froggen)的观众也仅过万而已! 传世就玩盖伦能到达一个什么段位? Game player: Gaming driver Personally feel to what Dan Galen can really see the individual. I used to have the highest Galen gold 1, but then in a state of. Some people say that generation version, from generation to generation I Galen as a veteran hero, Galen, he began to play the most, although his skill is very classic, but the wind god wind useless ah, the wind also can take the rhythm, after Galen does strengthen, E skills less armor, but in the upwind Bureau really is not so prominent. Because no control skills, no explosive displacement, it is difficult to keep the enemy, Dan is very strong in platinum above basically summoners operation, so basically the opposite key play group output object can not touch, is a meat shield against that, unless others are awesome, and so on the use of platinum, Galen above is not easy, and play and cherish, personally think that up to diamond 5, would be more difficult to play on good luck and awesome teammate. 玩家:电竞小司机 个人觉得盖伦能上到什么段位真的看个人。我最高用盖伦上到了黄金1,但是后来状态下滑了。有人说代代版本强,代代我盖伦,盖伦作为一位老牌英雄,很多人最开始也玩的是他,虽然他的技能很经典,但是顺风成神逆风无用啊,顺风也是可以带带节奏的,该本后的盖伦确实加强了,E技能减护甲,可是在逆风局时作用真的不是那么突出。由于基本无控制技能,没有爆发性的位移,很难留住敌人,段位在铂金以上基本上召唤师们的操作都是很强的,所以打团基本上碰不到对面重点输出对象,就是一个肉盾在那抗着,除非队友很给力,所以在铂金以上,使用盖伦上方不易,且玩且珍惜,个人认为最多打上钻石5以后,会比较吃力,再往上打的需要很好的运气和给力的队友了。 传世就玩盖伦能到达一个什么段位? Player: white Yichang cuisine Bandel City, opposite ID blind monk is my son, large 2800 Galen, together with the help of classmates and friends on Galen, there should be a 4000+ session. S5 settle drill five, highest hit to drill four. S6 settle drill five, highest hit to drill three. To tell the truth to Galen drill three very demanding, hidden points not hit, win a plus 17 points, lost at least minus 22 points, even a few fell some kneeling. So the final settlement is drill five. This season, a single row of 100, and now platinum four, the current score is still very easy. But the work is busy at the end of the year, there should be a week after the festival can be on the diamond. 玩家:宜昌菜小白 班德尔城,ID对面盲僧是我儿丶 大号2800场盖伦,加上用盖伦帮同学朋友上分,应该有4000+场次。S5结算钻五,最高打到钻四。S6结算钻五,最高打到钻三。说实话盖伦打到钻三就很吃力了,隐藏分打不上去,赢一把加17点左右,输一把至少减22分,连跪几把就掉段。所以最后结算时都是钻五。这个赛季单排了100把了,目前铂金四,目前上分还是很轻松。只是现在年底工作忙没时间,节后应该一个星期就可以上钻石。 传世就玩盖伦能到达一个什么段位? Player: sweep the world Galen 680 games, balanced church. Lonely defeat ares. I can say that all single Galen to blow up, but difficult to deal with strange tentacle. What single Teemo, NAR remote single, I will blow them. Although it is the bronze dan. But I only play matches, rarely qualifying. I can not explain the technical level. Summoner skills flash and ignite. Say if Teemo Galen, ha ha. I met a black cut and light shoes to beat 3 God installed teemo. Two can kill teemo. In a word I Galen in the same level of equipment and finish everything on a single burst. 玩家:扫光天下浊 盖伦680场,均衡教派。孤独求败战神。 可以说我盖伦可以打爆一切上单,除了触手怪难对付。什么上单提莫,纳尔等远程上单,我也打爆他们。虽然现在是青铜段位。但我只打匹配,很少打排位。段位不能说明我的技术。召唤师技能带闪现和引燃。都说盖伦怕提莫,呵呵。遇到我出黑切和轻灵鞋就能打败3神装的提莫。二级就能单杀提莫。总之一句话我的盖伦在同等装备和等级下完爆一切上单。 传世就玩盖伦能到达一个什么段位?

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